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Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry Your Family Can Trust in Littlestown

portrait of extended african american family relaxing at homeNo matter your current stage of life, dental care is essential. At Littlestown Dental Associates, Dr. Mike Strickler’s father started the commitment of providing exceptional family dental care throughout our community. Our dentists and their team believe you and your loved ones are an extension of our family, and we find it gratifying to help you achieve healthy, beautiful smiles for life. We use comprehensive treatments, proven techniques, and advanced technology. These help us identify, diagnose, and treat various dental and oral health issues that can impact smiles throughout different life stages.

We enjoy meeting new patients and caring for those returning to see us every six months. Whether we’re building trusting relationships or restoring smiles, we have the compassion and skill to become your allies for life-long dental care. Contact Littlestown Dental Associates to schedule an appointment for your family today! We proudly serve families across Hanover, Gettysburg, and Westminster.


Family Dentistry Services for Each Member of Your Family

At Littlestown Dental Associates, we welcome toddlers and those well into their golden years. We are proud to provide family dental care that combines comprehensive and personable treatment.

Our available services include, but are not limited to:

Prevention for Your Family with Dental Cleanings & Exams

happy male patient sitting in dental chairRoutine dental exams and cleanings are vital aspects of preventive dentistry. We use advanced diagnostic technologies to improve your care. Digital and panoramic x-rays help us gain clear images of everything from your teeth and gums to tooth roots, your jawbone, head, and neck. This is incredibly useful when determining the underlying health of smiles, dental development, and surrounding facial structures.

During exams, we use intraoral cameras to analyze further and show you all areas of your smile in real-time. It provides a great opportunity for our team to educate you about our findings and helps us monitor for signs of cavities or infection. Thorough yet gentle dental cleanings typically follow exams. Our skilled hygienists clean every tooth in the smile, making sure they remove plaque and tartar buildup. 

During appointments, Dr. Strickler and his team take time to educate every member of your family about proper oral hygiene habits, and certain life factors that could be affecting their smiles, such as diet. Our team demonstrates the right ways to brush and floss teeth, regardless of age. We also take our time to properly explain why we are recommending certain treatments or procedures to you.

Why Professional Dental Care is Essential for Your Family

Besides protecting the dental and oral health of your loved ones, regular dental visits also help guard overall body health. This is because there is a close connection between your oral health and overall wellness. For example, early signs and symptoms of health concerns often manifest themselves in the mouth. Dentists are often the first medical professionals to discover underlying health issues through dental exams.

As your trusted dental team, we are committed to keeping the smiles of your loved ones safe. This also means treating gum disease when already present in the smile. Dr. Strickler provides non-surgical gum disease treatment with The Perio Tray® by Perio Protect, scaling and root planing, and maintenance cleanings.

How We Care for Children’s Smiles

little boy with tooth brushDuring the first six months of your child’s life, baby teeth begin to emerge in their smile. Although these teeth aren’t permanent, their development and health set the stage for your child’s future, adult smile. At Littlestown Dental Associates, we see children from 24 months and up. Introducing your young ones early to regular dental visits can help them become more comfortable with the dental environment as we monitor tooth development and oral hygiene.

During appointments, we take time to get to know your child. First visits typically consist of tours around the office and introductions to our team and staff. Dr. Strickler can easily tailor treatments and procedures to fit your child’s needs. We always provide care in a respectful and compassionate environment, using easy-to-understand language and doing what we can to make dental care fun!

Services we provide for children include:

  • Gentle dental cleanings, nutrition recommendations, sealants, fluoride, and tooth-colored fillings
  • Gentle exams which can be tailored to toddlers, children, and teens
  • Early cavity detection and treatment
  • Early diagnosis of dental conditions related to body health concerns
  • Education for patients and parents alike; discussing oral hygiene and caring for your child’s smile at home

Promoting Good Oral Health for Teens

Portrait of beautiful cheerful redhead girl with flying curly hair smiling laughing looking at camera over white background.With school, sports, a part-time job, and making time for friends, it’s not uncommon for your teen’s oral hygiene to fall by the wayside. Fortunately, Dr. Strickler and our team work closely with teens, ensuring their dental and oral health becomes a priority once more. During appointments, we discuss which areas may need a little more attention and provide tips they can use to maintain good hygiene habits.

Developmental changes can lead to changes in your teen's smile. From Invisalign® and teeth whitening to wisdom tooth extractions , we provide many services to help keep your teen’s smile healthy and confident.

Keeping Adult & Senior Smiles Healthy

Senior Couple Hugging On BeachAs we age, adult and senior smiles can become worn, dull, and damaged. Complications such as decay and wear can affect your dental health, function, and appeal. Oral health concerns, like gum disease, are also more common as you age. At Littlestown Dental Associates, we offer a wide range of dental treatments to help you, a parent, or grandparent treat everything from gum disease, damage, and tooth loss.

We highly encourage that you visit our office every six months for your routine exam and cleaning. We help restore dental function and appeal with CERC same-day crowns and transformative treatment with bridges and dentures.

Comprehensive Dentistry for Your Family

Schedule your dental visit with Littlestown Dental Associates today to discover how we can help you and your family. Our practice is dedicated to helping family members of every age achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. Dr. Mike Strickler and our team proudly serve individuals and families throughout Littlestown, Hanover, Gettysburg, and Westminster.



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